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Education Week - Security Training & Understanding Cannabis
Wednesday 16 October 2019, 08:30am - 12:00pm
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Security Training: Keep Your Business Safe and Protecting Your Clients 

Instructor: Brian Hanlin  8:30 am—10:30am

In this session you will cover:

· Why hackers hack.

· How they get your information.

· How they use the information gathered.

· Are you under attack?

· How to tell when you may have an issue.

· Best practices to protect yourself/business.

· Beyond passwords.

· Managing passwords for yourself and your staff.

· What to do if your security has been compromised


Understanding Cannabis

Instructor: Tracey Simpson 10:30am –12:00pm

In this session you will cover:

· Reference the Cannabis Act: What does this mean for Canadians including workplace preparedness.

· Identify the main components of cannabis that are of medical interest.

· Understand the changed in legislation for medical & recreational.

· Recognize Legitimate websites and education sites.


Location Sask Energy/MCAS Joint Training Ctr. - 1301 Quebec Ave