Commonly known by its acronym, MCAS is a provincial, non-profit trade association affiliated with the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada and represents plumbing and heating contractors in their relationship with the construction industry, legislative departments of municipal and provincial government, and other industry-related bodies.

MCAS has a long and distinguished record of worthwhile service in Saskatchewan, having grown out of the Saskatchewan Association of Sanitary and Heating Engineers in 1919. The affairs of the Association are conducted by a Board of Directors elected from the membership. Permanent staff facilities for day-to-day activity and representation of members' concerns are maintained in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Mission Statement

To encourage, support, and promote the advancement of the mechanical contracting industry.

To advance, encourage, and promote all inventions and improvements in all aspects of the mechanical contracting industry.

To foster and promote the interchange of thought and ideas and all problems pertaining to the mechanical contracting industry among the members of the Association and among other individuals or bodies interested therein and to compile and distribute and to foster the compilation and distribution among its members of all information useful in the practice of the mechanical contracting industry.

To make representations with respect to Federal, Provincial, and Municipal legislation for the improvement of the mechanical contracting industry.

To seek for the members of the mechanical contracting industry equitable treatment in their relations with the manufacturers of and dealers in supplies.

To promote, foster, and improve amongst its members relations between employer and employees and to promote and foster the training of apprentices.

To conduct promotional activities, including advertising, publicity, and the holding of meetings, conferences, shows and exhibitions, and otherwise to apprise the public of the scope and character of the mechanical contracting industry.

To provide facilities for the exchange of information and opinions with the legislature and departments of government and other agencies concerning all the problems affecting the mechanical contracting industry within the scope of the Association and to carry on negotiations leading to the solution of such problems with the agency concerned.