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The Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan offers a varied range of training courses for its members. Our goal is to offer members a selection of courses that will meet a variety of training needs throughout the year.




How to Forecast a Large Construction Project

Online Workshop – A series of 3 sessions all for one price.

Tues, January 12   10:00-11:00am

Tues, January 19   10:00-11:00am

Tues, January 26   10:00-11:30am

A valuable series of workshops for quality-driven mechanical contractors, presented by a quality-driven mechanical engineer. These three workshops are presented live, in a virtual setting. Project managers learn how to systematically plan, track, and create consistent rolling forecasts.  All students receive 4Cast Pro, a 4-in-1 workbook valued at $500.

Tues, January 12- Session 1: Planning

Students dive right into a case study by reviewing the mechanical and electrical drawings and specs of a large commercial tower and searching for gaps and overlaps in scope before setting up the job, which comprises three components: the budget, the construction schedule and the billing breakdown. Students learn what these three have in common and how to capitalize on their integration.

Tues, January 19- Session 2: Productivity

Students continue the case study, exploring various types of work breakdown structures (WBS’s) and learning why some WBS’s are better at driving productivity than others. Starting with a labour plan, students build their own spreadsheet and learn how to track progress and calculate productivity. Various productivity scenarios are modeled including one that supports construction claims, using near real-time data.

Tues, January 26- Session 3: Forecasting

Students conclude the case study by reporting the outcomes at various stages of construction. Financial outcomes are reported for months one, two, three, etc. Basic formulas – and more advanced techniques – are used to calculate costs at completion and variances for labour, material, equipment, and subcontracts. Students will also learn how delayed starts and schedule compressions affect a project’s s-curve in interesting and meaningful ways.


MCAS Member Fee     $275 + gst

Non-Member Fee        $375 + gst

Registration Due By: January 5, 2021

Only 10 spots available.  Register early! 





Canada's Ozone Layer Protection Awareness Program

January 15, 2021

SaskEnergy Training Centre, Saskatoon

This environmental awareness training program, based on Environment Canada's "Code of Practice for Elimination of Fluorocarbon Emissions in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems", deals with environmentally-correct equipment design, proper handling of refrigerants, and will prepare participants for complying with Federal and Provincial Regulations covering refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Specific topics covered are: Science of ozone depletion, leak detection methods, system charging procedures, special maintenance provisions, and refrigerant recovery, reuse, recycle, and reclamation equipment.

1.5 hours allotted to the final exam.

Participants who get 75% or higher on the exam will receive certification and get an Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) card.

This course is for:

Those who require the ODP/ODS Certification for the purchasing and/or handling of refrigerants throughout Canada, to fulfill provincial and federal regulations. This certification is NOT a trade license or trade qualification


MCAS Member Fee     $250 + gst

Non-Member Fee        $250 + gst

Registration Due By: January 4, 2021

Only 12 spots available.  Register early! 




AC Labs & Theory

April 20 – 23, 2021

SaskEnergy Training Centre, Saskatoon

The two days of theory will cover the following:

  • Refrigerants
  • Basic refrigeration cycle
  • Air movement and fans
  • Duct sizing and installation
  • Psychrometrics
  • Economizers and mixing air
  • Installations

The lab session includes hands on training for residential air conditioning systems.  The participants will work on a variety of different air conditioning systems and will learn how to safely use gauge sets, recovery machines and vacuum pumps.  The main topics include:

  • Measurements of system parameters including superheat and sub-cooling
  • Refrigerant charging and recovery
  • Nitrogen purging and evacuation

The lab session is only one day - choose either April 22 or 23.  Participants must have AC Level 1 or AC Theory before enrolling in the lab session.


Member Fee                $1,500 + gst

Non-Member Fee       $1,800 + gst

Registration due by April 2, 2021.





Training is held at the SaskEnergy / MCAS Joint Training Centre in Saskatoon unless otherwise stated.


If there is something specific that you are looking for please feel free to contact the office and we would be happy to help you.

Past Courses

  • Growing and Developing Service Supervisors
  • Small Projects Management
  • Making the Numbers Work
  • Managing Your Cash Flow
  • Financial Statement: What You Always Wanted to Know
  • HVAC Level 1 and 2 technical courses
  • AC Theory and Practical Labs

Training Testimonials:

"We always believed in ongoing training, and prior to my involvement with the MCAS, was never able to find affordable, quality and trade specific training for my employees.  Through the availability of MCAS training programs, we have been able to offer our employees the training required to keep us up to date and become industry leaders in our community. Thank you MCAS."

Luc Kadziolka Owner/President
Mr. Plumber
Prince Albert, SK

The Technical Training Center 
The Technical Training Center was developed in partnership with SaskEnergy and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan. This provincial natural gas trades training centre was designed to provide a facility for technical training to both SaskEnergy and the Mechanical Contractors Industry.

This facility is available for rent to our members interested in hosting their own training.
Call the office at (306) 664-2154 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Rental Information


Cancellation Policy

Once registered, if you are not available to attend, you may send someone else in your place.

If you need to cancel all together, please send written notification to MCAS at least seven business days prior to the course start date for a full refund.